Bantang hot spring And health resort is located in Anhui Chaohu Economic Development Zone, with a total planning area of about 43.40 square kilometers. In January 2018, the resort was approved as the first "national tourist resort" in Anhui Province. Based on the concept of "enjoying the most modern scientific and technological achievements and living the most primitive tribal life", and adhering to the theme of "building rural areas more like rural areas", the resort combines tourism and leisure consumption with ecological and environmental protection, and takes "Half soup hot spring", one of the four ancient hot springs, as its foothold, With the 123 Internet plus three rural "three melon commune" mode, combined with the perfect holiday supporting facilities, we have created a series of hot topics such as "hot spring time", "field trip" and "three melon life". We are trying to create a new scene of tourism and health care vacation with shared and daily life, which is a shining pearl in the tourism and leisure resort of Chaohu rim. The land of nine blessings.