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SanGua in China's tourism day
2021-06-22 19:26:53   Article Source:本站

Today is May 19
China Tourism Day

San Gua classroom

China Tourism Day originated from the famous "donkey friends" in ancient times
Xu Xiake's Travels
And the opening day of the first "visit to Tiantai Mountain" (May 19)
Positioning China Tourism Day

This year is the 11th China tourism day
The theme is "green development, better life"
Focusing on the green theme, feeling the beauty of life

A visit to San Gua
Three melons after summer
Winding mountains and rippling Bitang
Flowers in full bloom, half immortal and half ordinary
The butterfly crossed the sea of flowers
The clouds passed the green mountains
My eyes are wandering around

Half pool, half landscape, half villager
Bantang hot spring is the first of the four ancient hot springs in China
Gave birth to a side of Jiufu countryside
There is a paradise that the world yearns for

There are good mountains and good water
This is the beauty of Chaohu Lake
Sangua commune uses a way closer to nature
Let birds and frogs play the summer symphony
Let green water and green mountains become gold and silver

Into the countryside
I saw flowers climbing up the wall
The cicada hid in the old tree covered with rain and dew
Small fish and shrimp swim through the small pond of childhood
Some geese are floating in the distance
"Building the countryside more like the countryside"
This is my hometown in memory

Time still leaves a taste here
Guobaxiang with guobafan from the old village head
Mother's cake from a local restaurant at the entrance of the village
There are home cooked dishes from Grandma's house
Chimney, firewood, family
Far away, warm and concerned

Three melons is a can of wine brewed by years
Add a little childlike fun
Added a poem
Added a new idea
With nostalgia
The countryside of China
Luxury in the world

A place that countless people yearn for
Sangua commune
Since its establishment in 2015
A total of about ten million tourists came in droves
They left countless figures here
And laughter

Spring outing
Barefoot fishing in the pond in summer
Harvest food and joy in autumn
Baking tea eggs in a teahouse in winter



fruits in autumn

stored for winter
Rural scenery
Gentle four seasons
Beauty intoxicates the soul
The campfire at night lit up the stars
Light up the heart that never disappeared in the distance

Summer of May
Let's step into the countryside
A paradise close to nature
Sangua commune
Looking forward to seeing you