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Travel notes
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Chaohu Lake in the streetsHalf soupold street!

On a summer night

Let's walk into Half soup street

To share the light

The exquisite time

Half soup not only has hot springs,

There are tulip highland, sangua commune, etc,

And Half soup street, a gateway.

After a hot spring bath,

Half soup street is often a place where people enjoy themselves.

Half soup street in the night,

There is a charm.

Among the colors of exile,

Maybe you can't help slowing down.

Those dripping tiles and window sill all hide the memory of fleeting time.

Quiet walk, stop and go,

Just to find the figure in the old street.

A sparrow with a pattern,

In the dim light, dim the depth of the night.

Business flags in the wind,

The height of the old street is being raised.

Deep down in the old street, I come to ponder.

Turning figure,

It's the first memory of pacing the old street.

But the man was in the dim light.

The light is light,

Just quietly taste the life in the old street.

On the corridor of the dacha River,

There are lingering sounds of water and whispers.

Maybe it's a dream that doesn't disturb the prosperity of the floating world,

Count your wishes to yourself.

Every window,

Every door has its own story.

Walking, perhaps in a hurry by day,

I didn't stop to look at the old street.

Walking, perhaps in a hurry by day,

I didn't stop to look at the old street.

Like to see from afar, water from the bridge downstream, people in the bridge line.