Maximum bearing capacity: 125000, instantaneous bearing capacity: 41700
Half soup Hot Spring

Anhui Shenye Half soup Hot Spring Resort Hotel Co., Ltd. covers an area of 114 mu. It is divided into indoor and outdoor hot spring areas with the theme of Hui style architecture. The layout is reasonable and the design is unique. It has a series of "waterfall, spring, pool and medicine garden". It forms a garden style open-air hot spring area with different sizes and shapes. The hot spring health bath area is the leading product at present, There are more than 30 special projects, such as Chinese medicine bath, hot spring spa, hot spring slate bath and landscape pool, with Half soup specialty store, comprehensive rest hall, gym, chess and card room, health physiotherapy area, etc. Half soup hot spring is colorless and tasteless with excellent water quality. It is rich in metasilicic acid, fluorine, strontium and other minerals and trace elements. It is of great medical value. At the same time, it is thousands of meters away, accompanied by cold spring. The annual water temperature is 19 degrees, and the pH value is 7.4.

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