Maximum bearing capacity: 125000, instantaneous bearing capacity: 41700
Tulip Heights

Located in Chaohu Economic Development Zone, Anhui Province, China Half souptulip highland scenic spot is the most brilliant pearl on the tourism route around Chaohu Lake.

With a total area of 13 square kilometers, the scenic area is composed of tulip highland, dafengwan and Half souplake. Rich in resource entities, it has four five level high-quality resources. In the high tulip area, the tulip with large view combines with landscape architecture and undulating terrain to create a landscape with great visual impact, fully showing the beauty of natural landscape; In dafengwan District, the beach, sunshine, reservoir and distant mountain constitute a unique leisure experience; In bantanghu District, modern biotechnology and long-standing hot spring culture are combined to make tourists enjoy the magic of half cold and half hot in the middle of the mountain and half water; In the half city and half garden, you can taste the classics of the past and the present.

Because of its high-quality ecological environment, beautiful rural scenery, mysterious nest culture and superior location conditions, the scenic spot is known as the "land of nine blessings and holiday paradise". It is a lost wilderness in the course of human development and a natural place that urban people are eager to get close to.

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