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Sangua Commune

Sangua commune was formed by Anhui Huaishang group and Anchao economic development zone. The construction period is 36 months. It was started in July 2015 and officially established on September 1.

Sangua commune takes the idea of "building the countryside more like the countryside" and the planning idea of "renovating the old as before and experiencing its truth" to protect the texture of rural construction, promote the establishment of demonstration characteristic villages, and show the natural and humanistic characteristics of the countryside. The old residential buildings in Tangshan are redesigned as "one household, one specialty", and the ancient villages in Tangshan are constructed as "one village, one product", forming three characteristic villages: "wax gourd folk village", "pumpkin e-commerce village" and "watermelon gourmet village". Sangua commune took the lead in building an ecological village in Hefei in one year by protecting the environment and human ecology; In two years, we have devoted ourselves to exploring Bantang's good products, developing Bantang's good e-commerce, giving full play to Bantang's good industry, and building the first e-commerce village in Anhui Province; In three years, we will strive to achieve the situation of "half soup" rural beauty, rich farmers and prosperous agriculture, and build a model of beautiful countryside in China.

Three, the cuckold commune takes the following experience: "offline experience, online sales, enterprise guidance, farmers' participation, base planting and scenic spot demonstration". It focuses on the fields of folklore, culture, tourism, catering, leisure and other fields, and integrates the production, development, online and offline transactions and material flow of modern agricultural products, and explores an "Internet plus three rural" road in the information age. At present, the product series developed by sangua commune mainly include tea, spring, agricultural specialty and culture. Tea includes black tea, green tea and tea products; spring includes hot spring, cold spring and mountain spring; agricultural products include original flavor products, original flavor mountain products and special products include handicrafts and processed food; tourism and cultural products mainly include volcanic rocks, hot spring tourism products, Bantang and Youchao's cultural products.

Sangua commune pays attention to grass-roots party building and patriotism education, carries forward the national healthy spirit, and sets up the self-confidence of enterprise employees. Actively lead the construction of Hefei Bantang E-Commerce Association, regularly carry out e-commerce training, e-commerce salon and other offline sharing, exchange and learning activities, cultivate and improve the comprehensive business quality of local e-commerce personnel, gather and integrate local e-commerce resources, exchange needed goods and warm up together, and make every effort to build "the first e-commerce village in Anhui" and continuously cultivate qualified e-commerce talents.

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