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Hot Spring Wellness

Half soup hot spring is located at the foot of Tangshan, 6 kilometers northeast of Chaohu City. It is a resort for recuperation, rehabilitation, vacation and sightseeing. Its unique magic charm of hot spring tourism has attracted guests from all over the country to come for vacation and leisure, recuperation and health care, hold meetings and negotiate business, which is a hot spot favored by tourists.

Half soup hot spring, according to the Sui Book Geography annals: Xiangan county (Zhijin Wuwei County, Xiangan Town, divided by the ancient nest) has Banyang mountain, the mountain has Tangdi, two hot springs with large flow, less than 1000 meters apart, one is cold spring, the other is hot spring, two springs meet, cold and hot half.

Half soup hot spring, people marvel at the strange spring, so it is called "Half soup". This hot spring has also become a key scenic spot project of Half soup town in Chaohu City to develop tourism. Half soup town has built corresponding supporting facilities around this scenic spot to drive the economic development of the town.

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